Election Reflection

Today was Election Day. The grade 4s,5s and 6s voted for the year 6 party’s. If your group won you could talk to the principal and vice principal about fundraising for your policy’s.

Free Fun Friday came first with 111 votes after 7 counts, using the preferential voting system. My political party was called PRO, we came third overall with 59 out of 210 votes.

I think that we came third because we gave out a lot of information and listed specifically what we wanted to do and how we can do it. We came first in our class though so I’m happy

My boat to Sovereign Hill

For our Sovereign Hill letter we have to include how we got to Australia. I chose the Marco Polo, which goes from Liverpool to Melbourne in 1852. Here is a link to the website I found the boat on- https://museumvictoria.com.au/discoverycentre/websites-mini/journeys-australia/1850s70s/ships-1850s70s/

these pictures are from Wikipedia and museum Victoria, the others are not subjected to copyright because I’ve used a Creative Commons search.