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Wonder – book review – CHOOSE KIND

“Would you prefer a book or a movie?” That’s what our class was asked at the start of the year, almost the whole class said movie. But that wasn’t the story when it came to the book and movie of Wonder. All 23 people from our class said book. I chose book because it was much more engaging and descriptive, plus it involved so much more the movie missed out on a lot, and there wasn’t any/many engaging scenes.

The book didn’t have a lot of action but the author (R.J.Palacio) involved action parts like at the camp and the Jack&Julian “war”.

Wonder is interesting in the way it’s set out and how the different characters parts there was different styles of writing. For example Justin’s part doesn’t have capital letters or “quotation marks”.

Plus Wonder is an original book that was based on when R.J.Palacio’s daughter saw a kid with mandabula facial disorder, which is told as a remake in Jack Wills part of the story.

I think Mrs.Morris chose to read this because it would tell us to enjoy the moments we have in life not what we look like, also to be grateful we don’t have to go through a lot of surgeries and always be stared at or teased and bullied.

My overall rating of this book is 10/10, because of the great writing and originality of the different characters telling there side of what happened in the different parts of the story.


HEALTH DIARY………………………………

Our health diary’s is a sheet that we record the food we’ve eaten, sleep, exercise, physical, social, mental and spiritual health.

For sleep in my first I averaged 8 hours and 29 mins, now I have 7 hours 50 mins sleep. I think I’ve just had later nights that I’ve gone to sleep. Exercise has gone up because I’ve gone outside more. Screen time is the same pretty much.

According to health guidelines I’m above the average for exercise- guideline 1 hour- mine 1.75 hours. For sleep the guidelines are 9-11 hours and I was below with 7:50.

I have met my goals because I filled in most of the gaps. I also got more exercise by about 30 mins.

I think these changes might make me think different when I’m older.

Me in A Minute-3

It’s that time again we’re we have 1 Minute to do physical activities, like push ups, sit ups, burpees and more.

I have completed both my goals getting 56 squats (1st-44) and 27 burpees (1st 27).

This is the table with the class averages, mode, median and range.

Click photo for closer look.

In our class we dropped in basketball hoops as an average from our first time doing it. 2.86-2.75. I think we dropped because there was a slight breeze.

In skips our class went from 67.5-82.95. Probably because we didn’t mess up and lose our rhythm.

Also our class ‘beat’ push ups 26.63-36.5, because people probably pushed through them quicker.

I was above average in everything, but I smashed train track jumps 120-169, push ups 48-57 and sit ups 58-77.

Me In A Minute………………..ll

Me in a Minute

Me in a minute is something to see how you can perform doing physical activities in 1 minute.

We are doing this because to learn about and improve our health.

I was above a average score or number (12 out of 14 activities) in everything except squats and burpees.

My goal is to get at least 5 more squats and 5 more burpees.

I will achieve this by doing 20 squats and 10 burpees every morning.
Another thing that will help is if I do the more tiring activities first like burpees push-ups, sit-ups and running, and leaving the easier stuff like shooting hoops, throwing at targets and bouncing a tennis ball on a racket and balancing on your right leg and left leg.

nā kākoʻo honua. MUNCH

ALOHA, NI HOW, BONJOUR, hello. Last week the grade 6s went into the city to learn about “global connections”. We went to Sandridge Bridge, Vic Market, Art Gallery, Birring Marr and Fed Square. But that isn’t what this blog post is about.

In the city there are many different cultures and places to visit. The Vic Market there are different cultures like Greek, Chinese, French, Italian and AUSSIE. There are strange fruits, like papaya and different types of meat that you wouldn’t find in Coles or woolys.

ZOOS ARE…useless…… MUNCH!

Imagine you were taken out of your home and made to live in a small enclosure? 100s of animals are locked up kilometres away from their true homes in overseas countries. Zoos can be enjoyable for you and me but look at it from the other side of the enclosure. How would you feel?

Animals like Lions need to hunt for prey, in zoos they are given the food teaching them nothing about the skills you need to survive in the wild. When lions are taken out of the African jungle, the gazelles and zebras eat all the grass and birds they can get before the remaining lions, gazelles and zebras die from starvation. In zoos lions and tigers have around 18000 times less space in zoos then the wild. Besides Lions are known as “king of the jungle”, not “king of the cage”.

Some animals are transported in cages as small as small as 4 metres squared and kept in quarantine for weeks. When animals are in zoos they cannot hunt and get barely enough exercise before going lazy and fat. I know most people think zoos are “educational” and teaches people about wild animals, but how do you get “educated” by watching animals in captivity, far away from their home. Anyway most visitors only spend a few minutes at each enclosure.

Animals can’t live their “normal” life e.g. Birds get their wings clipped so they can’t fly as far as they would in their natural habitat. In animals natural habitat they wouldn’t be people’s garbage outside their enclosure and snobby people staring at them. Besides I wouldn’t want to eat an empty chip packet.

Now surely you would agree that zoos don’t need to be here as they just imprison animals. HARAMBE.

Election Reflection

Today was Election Day. The grade 4s,5s and 6s voted for the year 6 party’s. If your group won you could talk to the principal and vice principal about fundraising for your policy’s.

Free Fun Friday came first with 111 votes after 7 counts, using the preferential voting system. My political party was called PRO, we came third overall with 59 out of 210 votes.

I think that we came third because we gave out a lot of information and listed specifically what we wanted to do and how we can do it. We came first in our class though so I’m happy