My boat to Sovereign Hill

For our Sovereign Hill letter we have to include how we got to Australia. I chose the Marco Polo, which goes from Liverpool to Melbourne in 1852. Here is a link to the website I found the boat on-

these pictures are from Wikipedia and museum Victoria, the others are not subjected to copyright because I’ve used a Creative Commons search.

About me

I live in Australia, and like playing Basketball and Cricket. When I was younger my family used to go to Deniliquin with some friends. We used to go knee-boarding and swing off the rope into the river.

I speak English but I’m going to learn French in high school. I’ve gone overseas to Hawaii and Penang. I almost forgot to tell you but my name is Jack. I like Kittens (sometimes) and I like dogs.

Here are a few facts about me.

1:My favourite NBA team is Golden State Warriors.

2:I like playing Call of Duty on my PS4

3:The Western Bulldogs are my favourite AFL team.

4:I’m usually quiet but I’m loud on the footy field

5:My favourite animal is a Panda

6:My favourite food is Buttered Chichen with rice

7:I live in the State of Victoria

8:I have broken two bones in my arm and I had a cast for ten weeks

9:I usually like playing videogames like NBA 2K17, COD and Watch dogs.

10:I’ve had x-rays on my arm before

I 11:I’m the youngest child in my family

12:I like playing Zombies on COD.


Today the grade 6s read about the rule of thirds. It helps to take a better picture when a line from the 3×3 grid is either right next to or on an object.

My basketball 🏀 picture follows the rule of thirds because the hoop starts and ends on two lines.

The prep photo  follows the rule of thirds because the first row of noughts and crosses lines up with a line.

Passive houses

For the last few weeks Darcy and I have been buying land and planning for building, for our passive energy house (out of cardboard).

We also made a slideshow on our work. This included 20 stars of sustainability,floor plans,birds eye views and land information. Our land was in Hamilton Island.

The 20 stars were: Solar panels, facing north east, dam, water tanks, gutters, environmentally friendly, thermal mass, roof space, thermal mass, solar chimneys, aliminum windowframes,hybrid cooling, fans in rooms, wall insulation, floor insulation, roof insulation,water saving shower head, compost toilet,stumps and mud brick.