My boat to Sovereign Hill

For our Sovereign Hill letter we have to include how we got to Australia. I chose the Marco Polo, which goes from Liverpool to Melbourne in 1852. Here is a link to the website I found the boat on-

these pictures are from Wikipedia and museum Victoria, the others are not subjected to copyright because I’ve used a Creative Commons search.

About me

I live in Australia, and like playing Basketball and Cricket. When I was younger my family used to go to Deniliquin with some friends. We used to go knee-boarding and swing off the rope into the river.

I speak English but I’m going to learn French in high school. I’ve gone overseas to Hawaii and Penang. I almost forgot to tell you but my name is Jack. I like Kittens (sometimes) and I like dogs.

Here are a few facts about me.

1:My favourite NBA team is Golden State Warriors.

2:I like playing Call of Duty on my PS4

3:The Western Bulldogs are my favourite AFL team.

4:I’m usually quiet but I’m loud on the footy field

5:My favourite animal is a Panda

6:My favourite food is Buttered Chichen with rice

7:I live in the State of Victoria

8:I have broken two bones in my arm and I had a cast for ten weeks

9:I usually like playing videogames like NBA 2K17, COD and Watch dogs.

10:I’ve had x-rays on my arm before

I 11:I’m the youngest child in my family

12:I like playing Zombies on COD.