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The Footy Dream

For the past 7 weeks I have worked my hardest to finish my 2017  prep buddy’s picture story book. I brainstormed ideas for our story’s, which included characters, settings, main ideas, problem and solution. Secondly I drafted my story which was a story board with rough drawings and writing. Finally the final part came, publishing. For publishing I had to work hard  to get perfect pictures. I liked nearly everything, especially drawing pictures that ended up amazing. I also loved the idea that my own buddy gets his own present from me. Next time with my pictures I could colour them in more and also make bigger backgrounds.



Resilience is having the ability to get back when things are tough. Today the Grade 5’s sang and danced to “Titanium” by David Guetta and Cia. The Teachers and students chose this song because the lyrics make what resilience is all about. The last time I showed resilience  was on the Footy field when we down by 2 goals and 2 points, then we came back to win by 4 points.