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Fresh start. Term 3.



What’s the difference in goals..
The two learning goals are short term goals (1 term) and a long term goal (1 year or longer).short term goals are steps to achieve your long term goal.

Learning Behaviour…

Don’t get distracted at my table and on the floor. This is a long term goal that will go till the end of the year.

Three steps…

1. To not fiddle with things
2. Not to talk to others
3. Sit at the front facing Mrs.Westerman or the white board.

Marvellous Maths…

My maths goal is to learn all my multiplication and division sums up to 12 off by heart. This is a long term goal which will go for 2 terms.

Three short steps.

1. Practise on times tables me and other websites/apps for 5 minutes every night.
2. To concentrate on the times table cheats when we do a specific time table.
3. To speak the pattern so I hear it in my sleep.

Excellent English…

My English goal is to improve when I read aloud. This is a long term goal which will go for about 2 terms.

Three easy short steps…

1.to read louder.
2.use good character expressions.
3.read to my mum and dad.

Im shooting for my goals. Literally.