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Literal, personal, inferential…

What does that heading mean? To you it’s probably just three random words that I found in a dictionary. Well to me they are three types of thinking for when you are answering questions about what you’ve read.

Literal: Literal questions are questions that have the answer in the text, so they might be the most trouble-free of the three ways of answering reading questions. E.G. The brown cow was in the paddock.   Q.What colour was the cow A.brown

Inferential: Inferential questions take the most lengthy amount of time to figure out and doesn’t always mean you get the answer. Inferential questions are  questions that have a little bit of a clue, but the rest is what you believe could be possible by the help of the text, unlike literal questions that are right there for you.

Personal: Usually with Personal questions you get the answer straight away. Personal questions are questions that you can answer, as you have witnessed it before by using the 5 senses. This can be one of the simplest type, as you know because you’ve witnessed it in one way.