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nā kākoʻo honua. MUNCH

ALOHA, NI HOW, BONJOUR, hello. Last week the grade 6s went into the city to learn about “global connections”. We went to Sandridge Bridge, Vic Market, Art Gallery, Birring Marr and Fed Square. But that isn’t what this blog post is about.

In the city there are many different cultures and places to visit. The Vic Market there are different cultures like Greek, Chinese, French, Italian and AUSSIE. There are strange fruits, like papaya and different types of meat that you wouldn’t find in Coles or woolys.


Rehearsal after rehearsal after rehearsal. Each time something new to work on or something to improve on.

In 5C we started off with the songs ‘Lean on’ by Major Lazer and ‘Thunderstruck’ by AC/DC. We figured out moves before the teacher changed it to ‘Dynamite’ by Taio Cruz. The choreography was from ‘Just Dance 3’ which had moves for Dynamite. We had 1 part that wasn’t working so we got rid of it. We practised for around 2 months.

At the start I thought our dance was a bit boring, but during the the dance I just enjoyed it and after I was glad I had got up on the stage and gave it my best.

At the end our class formed a semi-circle and Fintan, Sophie, Mikaylah, Jarrod, Charlize, Amy, Amelia, Madi and Sabine all performed tricks which included a worm, backwards walkover, scorpion, soccer skills and Irish dancing.

Our song was great and I saw a few kids dancing along.

Western Water Visit

Have you ever thought about how much water is either going down the drain, or being wasted? Today a worker from Western Water named Anne, gave a talk about how much water we use when we have showers, (which is either 36 litres or 60 litres) depending on the size of your shower head. We also were put into groups to work out weather or not it is a Sustainable or non Sustainable practise.

My group were finding out about Toolern which is a suburb outside of Bacchus Marsh. In Toolern they use recycled water for things like, watering their gardens, flushing toilets and having showers. Our group believed this was a Sustainable practice and all the groups then presented their presentations to a role play court. In the court everyone decided weather or not is was/wasn’t Sustainable.

The 1 main thing I learnt was that to buy 1 litre of bottled water costs $3 and you can pay $2 for 3000 litres of tap water (which is filtered the same and has minerals!). I will take a water bottle whenever I’m going out so I don’t have have to pay more money.



Shark Hunt

imageMy poster.                        Tap for close view  imagemy model


Explosions and poisons, that’s science! Or is it? Well there is many different types of science. Well you would have found that out if you came to our science expo.
On the 7/9/2016 we had a Science expo in the Grade 5 classrooms, for all the grade 5’s. Parents and Grade 4’s came in to see everyone’s work.
My presentation was on how Sharks use senses to hunt prey. We had to include an A2 size poster, a diagram, explanation text and a model to do with the project. The grade 5’s did this because this term our inquiry is science. In the time preparing for the expo, I learnt heaps about how sharks have been around for over 400 million years and also about how sharks have electroreception, which is a pulse they can use to sense prey. I improved my understanding on sharks and not only with hunting prey, but also how they see a person on a surfboard, but instead they think it’s a seal. My highlight from this was making the ripped up shirt. I believe that I did well explaining my presentation to others.

To me…


Dear Jack,

I hope you take on the advice you are about to give yourself. Yesterday you held a student led conference to our parents, I shared work I had done in the first semester of school. These pieces of work were, not only amazing, but they were from, Maths, Literacy, Inquiry and school events.
I think we did well sharing my pieces of work, like our biography and my maths book.
Another thing you thought we did well was not speaking to hurried or to delayed, instead we had a well set pace. You should remember this one, our pieces of work we had were tagged either in the book, or they were there with us. I case you forgot you read some of your biography to our parents.
Now that you’ve told yourself what was good, you should tell yourself what you could improve on. Well, you could improve on having more interactive things to show our parents, like a part of that work, e.g. If you had a maths piece, try to get them to work an equation out. Another thing to improve on is to spend more times in explaining the Maths and English work to our parents.
Kind Regards, You.

P.S. See me later.