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Shark Hunt

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Explosions and poisons, that’s science! Or is it? Well there is many different types of science. Well you would have found that out if you came to our science expo.
On the 7/9/2016 we had a Science expo in the Grade 5 classrooms, for all the grade 5’s. Parents and Grade 4’s came in to see everyone’s work.
My presentation was on how Sharks use senses to hunt prey. We had to include an A2 size poster, a diagram, explanation text and a model to do with the project. The grade 5’s did this because this term our inquiry is science. In the time preparing for the expo, I learnt heaps about how sharks have been around for over 400 million years and also about how sharks have electroreception, which is a pulse they can use to sense prey. I improved my understanding on sharks and not only with hunting prey, but also how they see a person on a surfboard, but instead they think it’s a seal. My highlight from this was making the ripped up shirt. I believe that I did well explaining my presentation to others.



In Kitchen Garden we have been doing a project on Soil here is some of my information.
SIL 2⃣▪️0⃣❗️
In small patch of soil there could be 2⃣0⃣0⃣0⃣ species and a million individuals.
Bugs have the most biodiversity.If you removed all the insects the world would collapse, and we wouldn’t live. Nematode. Bacteria is in the soil. Bacteria is the most abundant thing in the soil. % human and %9⃣0⃣ bacteria. Every living thing on the planet depends on teria. You need to zoom in ✖️ to see bacteria . Biological Soil crusts are made up of tiny living plants and bacteria that grow together just below the soil surface. Living soil crusts help keep the soil from blowing away, they make nitrogen which helps plants that are nearby grow and Living soil crusts which helps keep weeds out.
Soil is everywhere! We need it to LIVE. THE EARTH DEPENDS ON SOIL!!!!
Soil helps plants and animals live. There are different types of soil depending on where you live. What are the 4 main things to soil? In soil Minerals are made up of clay rock and sand. 2 Water. Soil can hold water for a long time. 3 Air. The animals that live in the soil help get more air in. Little ants, moles and mice help dig holes to get the air in.
4 Organic Matter. Organic matter includes anything inside the soil that lives. Soil has lots of little things we can’t see like bacteria. Soil has thing that are dead or alive in it.
Fungi, Bacteria and Insects are in soil. Broken down material gives the soil food. humus gives soil a dark brown soil. If soil is dark 1 it has humus 2 It’s better.
The top layer of soil has Organic Matter. the second layer Is top soil. Top soil is mostly Humus and a tiny bit of minerals. The third layer. Sub soil has mostly Minerals and a tiny bit of humus. the fourth layer is Bedrock. Bedrock is solid rock.

Dirt, or soil, is a thin covering over the Earth’s surface. Soil is a mix of rock, mineral nutrients, rotting organic matter, water, air and lots and lots of small living organisms.
New dirt is made all the time. But it takes FOREVER!! (Not really but it’s really slow!)
In a wet climate it takes about 15 years to grow half an inch of soil! Dirt is a base of life on Earth because it has most of the important nutrients in what plants need to grow. The layers of soil are called profiles. One scoop of a garden shovel contains over 1 million pieces of bacteria.