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Me:Hello! How are you today?

Elder: Good Thank you.

Me: Is it OK if I interview you???

Elder: Let’s Go!!!

Me: I’ve heard there were Statues and streets outside Etihad Stadium that are relevant to the Worundjeri What do you think of them?

Elder: I know about those landmarks.They are very special to me. The statue of Bunjil the Eagle reminds me of the Dreamtime stories. I’ve walked past them many times.

Me:Would I be correct if I said that the Worundjeri Tribe had the same believes as the Kulin Nation. What are they?

Elder: Yes we do share the same believes as the Kulin Nation. Like Bunjil the Eagle, the creator and healer.

Me: Could you tell me what Wurund means is it tree. If not what does it mean?
Elder: You are close. Wurund means old white tree. It comes from the Woiwurrung Language.

Me: Can you tell me about Bunjil the Eagle?
Elder: Bunjil the Eagle has Two wives and a son (Binbeal the rainbow). Bunjils brother was Balayang the bat. According to legend after creating the world Bunjil gathered his family and asked a crow who was the wind holder to lend them some wind from his bag. Crow opened the bag that he kept his whirlwinds in created a cyclone that uprooted trees. Bunjil asked for a stronger wind. Crow complained, Bunjil and his people were blown upwards into the sky. Bunjil became the star Altair. His wives and black swans were the stars on the side.

Me:Was the Aboriginal flag made 100s of years ago???
Elder: No,no,no! The flag was made 44 years ago in 1971!

Me:Thank you for your time.
Elder:No Problem.