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Wonder – book review – CHOOSE KIND

“Would you prefer a book or a movie?” That’s what our class was asked at the start of the year, almost the whole class said movie. But that wasn’t the story when it came to the book and movie of Wonder. All 23 people from our class said book. I chose book because it was much more engaging and descriptive, plus it involved so much more the movie missed out on a lot, and there wasn’t any/many engaging scenes.

The book didn’t have a lot of action but the author (R.J.Palacio) involved action parts like at the camp and the Jack&Julian “war”.

Wonder is interesting in the way it’s set out and how the different characters parts there was different styles of writing. For example Justin’s part doesn’t have capital letters or “quotation marks”.

Plus Wonder is an original book that was based on when R.J.Palacio’s daughter saw a kid with mandabula facial disorder, which is told as a remake in Jack Wills part of the story.

I think Mrs.Morris chose to read this because it would tell us to enjoy the moments we have in life not what we look like, also to be grateful we don’t have to go through a lot of surgeries and always be stared at or teased and bullied.

My overall rating of this book is 10/10, because of the great writing and originality of the different characters telling there side of what happened in the different parts of the story.