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ZOOS ARE…useless…… MUNCH!

Imagine you were taken out of your home and made to live in a small enclosure? 100s of animals are locked up kilometres away from their true homes in overseas countries. Zoos can be enjoyable for you and me but look at it from the other side of the enclosure. How would you feel?

Animals like Lions need to hunt for prey, in zoos they are given the food teaching them nothing about the skills you need to survive in the wild. When lions are taken out of the African jungle, the gazelles and zebras eat all the grass and birds they can get before the remaining lions, gazelles and zebras die from starvation. In zoos lions and tigers have around 18000 times less space in zoos then the wild. Besides Lions are known as “king of the jungle”, not “king of the cage”.

Some animals are transported in cages as small as small as 4 metres squared and kept in quarantine for weeks. When animals are in zoos they cannot hunt and get barely enough exercise before going lazy and fat. I know most people think zoos are “educational” and teaches people about wild animals, but how do you get “educated” by watching animals in captivity, far away from their home. Anyway most visitors only spend a few minutes at each enclosure.

Animals can’t live their “normal” life e.g. Birds get their wings clipped so they can’t fly as far as they would in their natural habitat. In animals natural habitat they wouldn’t be people’s garbage outside their enclosure and snobby people staring at them. Besides I wouldn’t want to eat an empty chip packet.

Now surely you would agree that zoos don’t need to be here as they just imprison animals. HARAMBE.

The Footy Dream

For the past 7 weeks I have worked my hardest to finish my 2017  prep buddy’s picture story book. I brainstormed ideas for our story’s, which included characters, settings, main ideas, problem and solution. Secondly I drafted my story which was a story board with rough drawings and writing. Finally the final part came, publishing. For publishing I had to work hard  to get perfect pictures. I liked nearly everything, especially drawing pictures that ended up amazing. I also loved the idea that my own buddy gets his own present from me. Next time with my pictures I could colour them in more and also make bigger backgrounds.


¿What Next?



Either you can buy my book when it’s a bestseller or you can guess.

In this work I have learnt new vocabulary and opened my mind to more ideas.

In class we have been writing Sci-fi story’s. We started by writing the definition of Science fiction (or sci-fi). Next we wrote sci-fi vocab. After that we brainstormed ideas for a story. Then we made a story graph.


Tap for a close look…..





Explanation texts.

A good explanation text has:

Strong language.

A great introduction.

An explanation on your subject.

A conclusion.

Text support.

A diagram.


I can explain how the earth rotates.

The world, a.k.a earth, yes the one that we live on rotates a full 360°, which takes 24 hours (or a whole day). This spins because of , basically cloud hydrogen that is forced down because of gravity. We cannot feel it spin, because it takes such a long time.
“The earth rotates because it is formed in an increasing disk of cloud hydrogen that collapsed down because of gravity and has to conserve it’s angular momentum. The earth continues to spin because of inertia.” (universe today). Basically earth spins because of the way it was formed. It doesn’t stop because there is nothing acting or trying to stop it. So earth continues to gather momentum. Some of the material within this cloud gathered into swirling eddies and eventually formed into planets . As the planets formed they kept a spinning motion.

So whenever the sun becomes more/less visible in the sky you’ll know why it is and isn’t in the sky.